Micro-switch 4BR
Micro-switch 3BR/103 (MS0260)
Micro-switch 4CRQ
Micro-switch 4CR7
Micro-switch 4CRQR BURGESS
Micro-switch 5BR
Micro-switch GE
Micro-switch CROWN (Cherry E13)


Micro-switch S800A SCHALTBAU
Micro-switch S800B SCHALTBAU
Micro-switch S826C SCHALTBAU


Micro-switch assembly and button
Micro-switch CT2KR2-A2 type
Micro-switch CT2K-A2 type
Micro-switch CRIMR2

Micro-switch CT2QR-1021-A2 type


Lever-switch SPCO
Micro-switch HYSTER
Micro-switch CT2C-A2
Micro-switch DP (handbrake)


Micro-switch X 10GW B
Micro-switch CROWN PR3000
Micro-switch LANSING (Cherry)
CHERRY E13-50K with roller


Micro-switch VCF type
Micro-switch VCF type 45mm TABS
Micro-switch VCFYR1 type
Micro-switch V3 type
Micro-switch VCFYR type
Micro-switch V3YR type


Micro-switch GVCF 1831 type
Micro-switch VCFJY1 4.5MM TABS
Micro-switch CROWN 89362
Micro-switch BURGESS VCSP
Micro-switch HYSTER


Please Note:
Parts listed represent a selection of those available. Other parts can be supplied.


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