Our Product Range

Our complete & comprehensive product range includes

We offer a complete and comprehensive range of forklift parts, accessories and components. We will continue to strive for growth and excellence in the industry by adding new product offerings in forklift and agricultural accessories as well as warehouse efficiency and safety solutions. Our range extends across the following main categories:

For expert advice and a complete range of quality forklift parts, accessories and components.

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Our Mission

To supply forklift replacement parts for all makes of both electrical and mechanical forklifts at prices which realistically relate to exchange rates and profit margins.

To supply both OEM’s to other distributors and end users at differing pricing levels dictated by the customers standing in the market place.

To fully subscribe to all aspects of the South African constitution whereby staff advancement and salary packages are dependent solely on the employees ability to add

To become a major forklift part supplier, not only in the South African Market place, but throughout Africa itself.

 Our Values

 The values of a business are essentially a set of core principles that when accomplished act as road maps for achieving success and growth. We understand this and work extremely hard as a team to implement them.

Quality Throughout
Service Delivery
Hard Work

“Values determine culture. Culture determines behavior. Behavior determines outcomes.” – Rohan Dredge

Our values are extremely important to us as we seek to build long lasting relationships with each client. Our aim is to exceed your expectations by providing superior quality products and a service that makes a difference.

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We offer the following main brands

Our extensive product range allows you to get everything you need for your forklift from one place. We are confident that we have what you are looking for at the best quality and price.

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What Differentiates Us 

In an extremely competitive market it is important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. As a company that seeks to make a difference in the industry and in the lives of our clients we work tirelessly to differentiate ourselves and achieve our goals by achieving yours.

  • Experience

     With over 27 years of experience in the industry we have built relationships with suppliers, employees and clients. We use these relationships that have been built through experience, to continuously benefit new and existing customers.

  • Extensive product range

     Our product range is extensive and includes forklift replacement parts for all makes of both electrical and mechanical forklifts. Therefore, you can get everything you need for your forklift from one place.

  • Expert advice

     Over the years we have trained and built a strong team of experienced individuals who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the forklift industry. This allows you to get expert and honest advice that is specific to your needs.

  • Quality products & services

     We take extreme pride in the quality of our products and the standard our service. All our products go through strict quality control processes and our service is always efficient and accurate.

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    22 Hughes Industrial Park, Cnr Romeo Road, 422 Oscar Street

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